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2012 November Promotion

Newegg and Athena Power have partnered up to offer great deals for our customers for our FlexATX and TFX power supplies. With the holiday season in effect we are offering our highest wattage replacement/upgrade PSUs for HP or Dell systems. These small form factor (SFF) power supplies offer 400W of power and is currently the highest in the current market, for gamers who want higher graphics and need more power for their slim systems these quiet PSUs will meet all your needs.

$60.00 OFF
Pre-Blackfriday [From Now to 11/22/2012]
The AP-TFX40 is the first 400W TFX form factor PSU available in the market and have been designed to save space. Unlike other TFX power supplies, Athena Power’s has no extra fan guard which helps reduce issues with height. Built with the active PFC function and certified 80PLUS, Athena Power’s TFX 400W power is the model for excellence.
40% OFF
Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Encore Tuesday
For slimline system users and 1U IPC system builders, the FlexATX PSU is a small and compact PSU that can fit your needs. With its built in thermal sensor it detect the heat of your system and control its internal fan to assist with exhausted excess hot air. For HTPC, 1U, and small form factor users, please make sure to visit our website at www.athenapower.com to check our cross reference list to check If these power supplies are right with you


Athena Computer Power Corp ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8 rm-3ud370 2UD