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2u-3u lcd rackmount

Athena Computer Power Corp. has released a new 3U and 2U smart LCD rackmount.  This rackmount is built with a 2.5” screen on the front of the rackmounts front cover and is able to detect the temperature and allow system engineers or technicians the ability to control the rackmount fans. By giving more convenience and control system engineers and IT technicians are able to make adjustments to their system needs, this in large may save companies money on energy usage and potentially reduce bad emissions and can benefit the environment.


The 2U rackmount comes with 2x 80mm fans with an intake fan filter that will help guard against dust and dirt. With its reduced size in depth it is compatible with mini-ITX motherboards and above.


A little larger than its 2U counterpart this rackmount is able to support all 3U PSU and PS2 form factor power supplies. It is also equipped with a 120mm fan which will reduce heat gathered within the system.

The Smart System Cooling Control

With the new smart LCD display and functions, system administrators now have more control and ability to create a more efficient system environment.

Athena Computer Power Corp ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8 rm-3ud370 athenapower RM-2UD220S rm-3UD370S Green Power 2UD Smart and Efficient