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Athena Power has some exciting news for anyone who is in need of a high power replacement or upgrade PSU for their systems. Whether it is for gaming or building a high end media center the FlexATX and TFX 400 Watt will be able to support it. Featuring new internal adjustments and the FlexATX's new nickel coating both slim form factor PSUs are able to supply enough power for SLI functions. Athena Power has revamped the internal design of their PSUs and have made them more quieter than their predecessors. With all the latest iimprovements in these next GEN slim form factor power supplies, Athena Power has set the standards for this market, 
SLI ready
SLI Capable
Athena Power's 400 Watt FlexATX and TFX power supplies are both equipped with two (2) PCIE connectors; gamers and media server builders can add additional hardware for their slim form factor system.
low noise
A More Quiet PSU
Listening to their customer's feedback Athena Power's engineers have spent countless hours solving the noise level problem. Their hard work paid off and now you can enjoy a high powered PSU with less noise.
80 PLUS Bronze
80PLUS Bronze
Both the FlexATX and TFX 400 Watt power supplies are certified 80PLUS. Following their commitment to their True Green Power policy, they are providing efficient and high quality power supplies in the slim system market.
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