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The Athena Computer Power Ultimate Power supply series is a series of High end PS2 form factor power supplies manufactured by Athena Power. The Ultimate series has switch its nickel coated shell to a more sleek design. From 800Watts to 950Watts consumers can enjoy the new black exterior design. Incorporating all of its original features the Ultimate PS2 power supply series can meet all of today's high-end system requirements by supporting up to i7 processors and SLI, quad SLI, and Crossfire functions.. 
Athena Power has have incorporated two separate cables for its EPS connectors allows consumers to have more flexibility and allows easier accessibility for connections into the system's motherboards (ideal for xeon M/B).
The ULTIMATE series includes the Active PFC and Full Range function creating a smarter PSU. The Active PFC and Full Range Function is able to detect the differences of wattage that is needed to power up your system.
The Ultimate Series excels in that category offering up to 80% efficiency. High efficiency means that the power used from the wall outlet to your power supply will not go to waste and helps reduce the cost of your energy bill.
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