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Space saving feature
Athena Power's 1UITX rackmounts are built to last and also built to be compact. Whether you wish to build your server with a mini-ATX or ITX motherboard this rackmount is ideal for all businesses who wish to save space.
FlexATX Series
Athena Power's FLEX ATX power supply 220W, 250W, 300W and 350W are designed for the 1U Mini-ITX chassis, like our RM-1U122ITX and RM-1U102ITX, to provide compact flexibility for mini-servers.It is 80PLUS certified and also compatible with many major systems such as HP and Dell.
80 PLUS®
80 PLUS is an innovative, electric utility-funded incentive program to integrate more energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers.
Incorporating the HOT-Swap feature in Athena's RM-1U122ITX adds more flexbility and convenience for all server builders. This latest feature intergrates a small SATA/SAS backplane the (BP-SATA2221B) and it will reduce downtime and add easy access to your server's main HDD drives.
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