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Athena Power is proud to announce that their FlexATX 400W (AP-MFATX40P8) has been awarded the Hardware Secret silver award. After their rigorous and meticulous testing methods. Athena Power is happy to report that the FlexATX 400W has met and exceeded their testing standards. Read More ›
The TFX 400W PSU has been revamped! Like the FlexATX 400W, the TFX 400W has been remodeled with a new nickel casing giving this PSU a more sleek look and feel. The TFX 400W also comes with a netting for its connectors helping consumers better organize their system. This PSU also is SLI ready and supports Athena Power's newest silent solution for a quieter PC. Learn More ›
ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8
ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8


For Athena Power's IPC readers, the FlexATX and TFX can also be modified with adjustments to the specs, wattage, and amount of lead connectors. This option is available for all Athena Power B2B and project-based clients who has an MOQ of 500 or more. For more information about OEM and ODM or questions about this product, please contact an Athena Power sales representative at (626) 810-5008.

Athena Computer Power Corp ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8