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flexATX and HP mini 24 pin adapter

Fry's and Microcenter, among the largest tech retailers in the US and carriers of Athena Power products now have an additional 24pin connector for HP replacements included in their FlexATX power supplies. With the recent addition of the new retail box that includes QR codes; customers can use their smart phones to scan QR codes for a cross reference to check if the FlexATX form factor will indeed be an ideal replacement or upgrade for their mini-ITX or small form factor system (SFF).

HP mini 24pin converter

Many customers with HP slimline systems usually encounter a problem with their 24PIN connector. With this convertor cable their problems are solved, fitting all standard 24PIN ATX connectors this cable is the solution for all HP slimline users.


Athena Power is offering a 2 month rebate for their FlexATX 320W (AP-MFATX32) power supply, and is only available exclusively at Fry's. This 10.00 USD Mail in Rebate (MIR) promotion will expire on May 31st, 2012. (Learn More)

Athena Power is working with Microcenter to present a 10.00 USD Mail in Rebate (MIR) offer for the AP-MFATX30 and the AP-MTFX30. This offer will start April 30th, 2012 and end on June 3rd, 2012.

Check out our new QR codes that are located on all Athena Power retail PSU boxes to check and see if your system's PSU is compatible using our updated cross reference list. These codes are placed on our connectors and all replacement/upgrade PSUs.

FlexATX Cross Reference FlexATX Cross Reference
Athena Computer Power Corp ap-mfatx40p8 ap-tfx40p8 rm-3ud370 athenapower RM-2UD220S rm-3UD370S 2UD